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The Work

A little over a week had passed since returning from the dieta. I found the perfect studio apartment, I ate some pizza… and then we were off to the Amazon again. This time to the Manu region instead of Pucallpa. We took public transit to get there, which went remarkably smooth without a single landslide or roadblock.
During the more harrowing parts of the drive, the entire bus would be stone cold silent, including the children and babies. Perhaps everyone was looking out the window to the sheer drop next to us. I’m not sure… we sat in the front. As we arrived in Salvacion that night, we drove past a party in the center of the community, with dancers in colorful costumes parading around a soccer field.
After we checked into our hostel, we walked over to the gathering. The costumed dancers were gone, save for a few skimpily clad women on a stage shaking their asses off to uncomfortably loud music. We walked around and then got some food. I bought chicken from a woman who was also grilli…

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